Who We Are

We are a group of friends who love to race in triathlons and compete against each other for the top podium positions.

Thanks to this friendly competition, we found ourselves training harder when we signed up for the same events and trained together.

Our Mission

The competitive nature of racing is a beautiful thing and we welcome it with open arms.

Racing and self-improvement work hand in hand. When we improve our racing, we improve ourselves in the process.

We aim to encourage and motivate people to participate in the racing experience. By registering for a racing event, you make a commitment with yourself to train and prepare to race. Improving your overall health, mental state, and sense of fulfillment through the process.

Be Part of the SQUADRON

We want everyone to reap the benefits that racing can provide.

Our mission is to race, and create the best racing products along the journey.

We welcome you to join SQUADRON RACING and take part in a race you find most exciting to you!